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Co-Author – Strengthened the power of the individual’s vote by ensuring “dead people don’t vote” (HB1752 2021 & HB3365 2022).

Co-Author – Outlawed abortion once the preborn baby’s heartbeat is detected (HB1752 2021 & HB3365 2022).

Co-Author – Made Oklahoma a sanctuary state that protects gun owners’ rights from any jurisdiction’s threats or violations of the Second Amendment (SB631 2021).

Co-Author – Expanded Second Amendment protections to motorcyclists securing their firearm in a locked container (HB1550 2017).

Principal Author – Enabled an active military or member of the Reserves or National Guard at least 21 years of age to carry a handgun without a license (SB35 2017)


Co-Author – Safeguarded all individuals’ choice and access to in-network pharmacy providers by prohibiting any health insurer’s limitations to the market (HB2632 2019).

Co-Author – Enabled teachers to continue working in the classroom while pursuing their standard certification (HB2748 2021).

Co-Author – Protected individuals’ right to privacy and peace through measures such as prohibiting “robocalls” without express prior written consent (HB3168 2022).

Co-Author – Shielded veterans’ military retirement benefits from being taxed (SB401 2022).

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