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House of Representatives

Kevin was selected as Chair of Business and Commerce in his third term in office and also serves on the Appropriations and Budget Committee. Kevin was also selected to serve on the Governor’s “Workforce and Economic Development Committee and the ARPA Funds Committee. He was also a founding member of the Veteran Caucus which is the first of its kind since statehood representing veterans at the Capitol.

Military Leadership

Kevin is a proven military leader.  He was promoted meritoriously three times rising quickly through the ranks. Kevin’s leadership skills allowed him to attain leadership positions that most Marines do not attain, such as, becoming a Drill Instructor and a foreign military liaison. Kevin wrote the book Inside the Mind of a Marine Drill Instructor, which was published in 2014.

Business Leadership

Early in Kevin’s business career he developed and lead sales teams.  In fact, Kevin developed a national sales team from the ground up, both inside and outside sales teams along with the sales processes, practices and procedures. Kevin was the director of sales when the company went public and he lead his team to over $5 million a year in sales.


As an entrepreneur Kevin has developed a number of products for his companies.  As the former founder and CEO of Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc and eXpect3 Marketing, Kevin created products that help his customers bring in more clients through unique marketing ideas and products.

Kevin currently sits on the Board of Director’s for Lavior a scientific company that developed a cream to care for diabetes patients.



Kevin volunteered his time for three years as Executive Director of Soldier’s Wish, a 501c3 charity that grants wishes for our active military, veterans, and their families. Kevin flew around the country and granted wishes for those who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms of this country.

Coach, Speaker and Trainer

Kevin is a founding partner of the John C. Maxwell Team.  He is a certified coach, speaker and trainer for John Maxwell.  Kevin uses his talents to train entrepreneurs and businesses how to develop successful sales processes. He teaches business organizations the John Maxwell leadership philosophy that everything rises and falls on leadership.

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