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Kevin’s commitment is to see the state of Oklahoma become the best in business, education, infrastructure and public safety. Kevin understands there is a balance between taxes needed for the state to function and accountability to the people for the taxes spent. In Kevin’s first term he voted for audits of agencies in order to track the tax dollars distributed and hold those state agencies accountable to the people. Kevin also voted to provide a pay raise to our teachers and to fund that pay raise, as this issue had not been addressed by previous administrations.

Kevin commits to continue working to ensure our state government runs as efficiently as possible while also making sure the core services to the people are funded. Kevin will continue to send up to both republicans and democrats to make sure our state continues to grow and prosper.

Kevin understands the need to encourage new business to move to Oklahoma in order to provide a larger tax base, and provide employment to our residents. Kevin will continue to author and co-author legislation that makes Oklahoma business friendly.

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