Obamacare was not declared unconstitutional but it was declared a tax. Our nation currently has a national deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars. Obamacare does not care for the people,  it will break our country.  Our federal government wants our state to implement health care exchanges and private citizens to create health care co-ops. I believe our state should exercise its right under the 10th amendment and say no to the federal government and the huge tax for Obamacare.  We don’t need more government regulations we need less.

Kevin Believes:

1. Kevin supports the patient (family)-doctor relationship and oppose nationalized medicine.

2. Kevin opposes any legislation including international treaties, restricting the manufacture, distribution, sale, or possession of nutritional substances other than those necessary for manufacturing, sanitation, full and accurate listing of all ingredients and tamper proofing.

3. Kevin supports full consumer access to safe, alternative treatments including access to any and all information regarding nutritional substances through any means of communication.

4. Kevin believes parents should receive complete information and must give informed consent prior to their child, or themselves, receiving any immunizations and may refuse any such vaccination(s) for medical, religious, or other reasons of conscience without retribution.

5. Kevin opposes any mandate requiring school age girls to be vaccinated with Gardasil, a new vaccine against certain strains of human papilloma virus (HPV) that can cause cervical cancer.

6. Kevin supports privatization of the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs.

7. Kevin supports the development of a truly market-driven, health care delivery system that replaces the employer and governmental third party payment systems:

a. Personal responsibility and education about maintaining health should be part of the system.

b. Options should include Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and/or Medical Savings Accounts (MSA) that can be voluntarily contributed to by a citizen or an employer. These accounts should be made available to Medicare participants.

c. These accounts (HSA/MSA) should also allow the individual freedom of choice in services in both traditional and alternative healthcare options.

d. We support an individual’s right to elect not to have health insurance.

8. Kevin opposes mandatory data collection including but not limited to, the harvesting of DNA of newborns or other individuals, brain scans, or genetic tests.

9. Kevin supports allowing individuals, private groups, and small businesses, the freedom to form collective purchasing groups for the purpose of acquiring the healthcare of their choice.