A flyer came out today saying my opponent is the only one who will stand for education. This is not true. She is the only candidate who will stand for raising taxes, bigger government and not demanding efficiency for the administrators. I am for the education of our children and the teachers who educate them. I show in the paragraph below how much of the $5,000 a teacher might take home per pay day (approximately $120 – $150 per pay day). It is almost the same amount of money they would get with my “income tax free for teachers” plan without breaking the backs or our towns and communities with another 1 penny sales tax. If you combine the “tax free for teachers” plan with my “roll the medical benefits for teachers into their salary plan” ($600 a month – would benefit teachers married to another teacher and those who have a spouse that covers their insurance), teachers will actually bring home more than the penny sales tax will pay them. Approximately 50% of the penny sales tax will go to more administration and colleges.

Teacher’s don’t really get a $5,000 pay raise. Take a look at the taxes they will pay for life, even after they retire.

$5,000 – Pay Raiser per teacher
– $750 15% Federal Income Tax (They may have to pay more depending on their tax bracket)
-$250 5% State Income Tax
$4,000 after taxes
– $40 (1 penny sales tax to cover teacher pay when the $4,000
is spent)
– $400 (average state + local sales tax when the $4,000 is spent)
$3,560 / 12 months = $296 a month or $148 per pay day (Before Social Security and FICA) . You will get a bit more than this but when you spend it you will lose the $400 and the $40 listed above.

When you spend your $4,000 you will pay $40 just for the Teacher Pay Increase. You will pay an average of $400 (10% sales tax).

If you live 10 years after you retire you will pay $50 for every $5,000 you spend just to cover the teacher sales tax. So will your parents, your kids, your grandkids and your great grand kids.

The $50 per $5,000 spent is just the tax for the teacher pay raise. It does not include other sales taxes we pay today. It also does not include another $50 for our veteran tax because we all know they don’t earn enough and their care is deficient. Oh, and we all know our fire fighters and police officers need a penny as well because of all they do, surely you would not say “no” to a tax for our veterans and police/fire.

The government will never give back the taxes if they are too much. They will simply spend it to the max and ask for more. That is why they are asking for another penny sales tax today.


Kevin acknowledges our dependence upon Almighty God and asks His blessings upon our students and their parents, teachers, and nation. It is the right and responsibility of parents to direct their children’ s upbringing and education whether public, private, charter, or homeschool without interference, regulation, or penalty from the government.
The primary goal of public schools should be to teach proficiency in the basic subjects of phonics-based reading, written and oral communication, mathematics, sciences, history, founding documents, the Godly heritage of our nation, critical thinking skills, basic morals, and civics. Locally elected school boards should have the authority to determine and implement all public school curricula, policies, and procedures for their districts.  He demands excellence and accountability from all tax-funded institutions of education in Oklahoma.  The federal government has no constitutional role in education; furthermore, he supports the creation of a free-market education system, including the use of vouchers and/or tax credits (See a further explanation below).  Kevin believes Oklahoma students are among the best and brightest and they deserve a quality education.
Kevin understands the funding for the education of our kids is vital.  He brings a fresh business perspective to our government and is working with local educators for new ideas of funding for the classroom.  “There are several things that can be done at the state level that will make teaching positions in Oklahoma more competitive with Texas and Kansas,” says Kevin.  He backs legislation that will help fund our schools and has several free market business ideas that will add additional funding to each school in his district.
About Teacher Pay Raises:

Kevin ask tough questions such as “One of our schools carried over 3,000,000 from last school year but said they did not have enough money for books, teacher pay raises or for buses to carry football fans to the games.  Why was there not enough money?  The pay raises for all of the teachers would have taken a little over 1,000,000 and I am quite sure that books and buses could have been paid for with the other 2 million.”

Kevin is not for pulling money out of schools.  He simply wants to make sure we are using our money wisely at all levels.  There are 527 administrators being paid just over $50,000,000 a year.  We could push more money into our schools if streamlined our administration.  We are not losing administrators to Texas because our school boards have paid them well.  There are 28 school districts in Oklahoma that have less than 100 students.  Those 28 school districts pay their administrators a combined salary of $1,254,721 (2014 numbers).  Oklahoma has 92 school districts that have fewer than 200 students each and they pay their administrators a combined total of $4,880,191.

8 administrators make over $200,000 a year total compensation. $1,902,390

208 administrators make between $100,000 a year total compensation.  $24,929,690

242 administrators make between $50,000 a year and $99,999 a year total compensation.  $19,512,815

The remaining total of administrators make less than $50,000 a year total compensation.  $2,315,263

The state has to do a better job insuring funds are spent well, not only among our administration but at all levels of the state.  Our corporate tax credits have gotten out of hand and that system needs to be cleaned up.  That alone could free up hundreds of millions of dollars we could put in our schools.

Overreach in our schools:
I do have a great concern for the overreach in our schools.  I believe our teachers and leaders of our schools should be able to lead by example and pray at school events.  I also believe it should be up to the local school board to set policies for their school.  The federal government does not have a constitutional authority to set school policy in Oklahoma.  We have to figure out how to protect our kids from the intrusive approach the government is taking.
Flexible Tax Base:
Our Oklahoma Constitution mandates that we fund education.  One of the problems we have in funding education in Oklahoma is our tax base for doing so is a flexible tax base.  When I look at Texas and Arkansas they fund education on a housing tax that is consistent.  This allows them to budget three years in advance.  Our tax base for education has to be more consistent.  We currently have a solid tax base for education of 60% the remaining 40% is based on flexible taxes such as oil and gas.
Teacher Retirement Fund:
Ten years ago when the Republican’s took over the majority in the House of Representatives the Teacher Retirement Fund was only funded at 37%.  It was going bankrupt.  For ten years now Oklahoma has put $300,000,000 a year into the teacher retirement fund or 3 billion dollars.  The teacher retirement fund is now funded at 67%.  Once it is fully funded over $150,000,000 a year can be pushed down to the classroom.  Most people don’t know anything about the money being put into the retirement fund each year.